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Accidents and more.

Basically everyday when you are out on the roads in Haiti you see broken cars or trucks with flats tires. It is just the way it is. Here they buy worn out vehicles from mainly USA, and really used to the maximum. I have been lucky so far that I have not been involved in any accidents, but over the last two days I have seen two trucks smashed in to buildings. The first one was half way in to a motel, the other one ramed a fence at a factory down town Port-au-Prince. I am glad the truck was transporting water and not gasoline.

And the girl below was really cute. I don’t know exact what she said but I got the meaning: “Mr. Dennis, can you take picture of me…” and then she put her hands to her eyes. In this village far away out on the country side all the kids know my name and know that I am the camera man.

Work goes more than fine, and I will work on some competition pictures tonight after I finish all the editing of pics and videos.

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