Bloody Tuesday

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Today it got really violent in Bangkok. There are many videos and stories out there about it. Here is one of them. At this point it is clear that four people died and at least 64 got injured. Scary. Will this ever end? It was really bloody at the battle scene today. A half a dozens of cars turned over. Bullet holes in the walls, bloody pavements and more. Only a stone throw from Khao San Road. Be aware.

I met with Uthai Yodmanee.  He is a core leader for Students and People Network for Thailand’s Reform (SPNTR). I got lead in by people in the know through a maze of sand bags. I passed at least five or six security check before I was in bunker like protection behind one of the stages.


He had this to say:

The police today try to enter the government house but we stopped them to enter. They used tractors and other vehicles to force us out, but they backed of in the end. We don’t know what happen now.

We did not shot or killed the police today. We don’t have weapon. Our demonstrators are friendly and normal people.  We only have bare hands and wood sticks. It must been “the men in black”. The police maybe set the whole thing up. I don’t know.

What will happen now?

“There are only two conditions. Yingluck Shinawatra must resign as premier minister. Chalearm Yoobamrung must resign as director of the police. Then we will have peace and the demonstrations will end.

We don’t negotiate since Yingluck government tried to issue amnesty bill for her brother Thaksin. He should come back and face the penalty. Yingluck should also face the corruption charges with the rice scheme.





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