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Café Carioca

Today, Sunday, in Haiti I try to catch up with some work. Had a couple of good phone meetings, and the coming week I will busy again it seems. Good. The weather has been  very stable, It was cloudy only one day last week. It has been a few nights of rain, but that is only nice and good I think.

Café Carioca is a classic Brazilian café in Santos, Brazil. It is located in the heart of town, and all sorts of people meet here for lunch at a table or a standing coffee in the bar. The place opened back in 1939, and I like to go there when I am in Santos. Two pictures from this classic place.

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  1. Johan P says:

    Hej Dennis! Lika kul att se dina bilder som att läsa hur du har haft det! Ville bara titta föbi och kolla läget! Ta hand om dig, vi hörs / Johan P

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