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So I have booked my flights to Bogota. It was tougher than I expected. It was tough to find seats. And also to my surprise, if you want purchase a ticket at you can do so only if you live in a handfull countries. To bad. Everything else on the site is easy to fix. But I went to a well known online shop instead. Same price and also even better site itself. Good.

Today I was going through my old pictures from Colombia on some external harddrives. I found some pictures that I almost forgot. Below is a picture I took when I was flying between Dallas, Texas in USA and Tokyo, Japan in 2009. In mid air over Alaska, USA the pilot informed us that there were some technical problems and we have to go down in Alaska. In the picture you can see the fuel dump overĀ  the mountains. 6000 gallons (or 22000 litres) was dumped.

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