Crisis pushes Haiti to the brink of collapse

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Crisis pushes Haiti to the brink of collapse! Is there any solution?

A struggle between President Moïse and an opposition movement demanding his ouster has led to violent demonstrations.

Seven weeks of unrest around Haiti have led to soaring prices, non-existing public services, and a galloping sense of insecurity and lawlessness. Some 30 people have been killed in the demonstrations, including 15 by police, among them a 17-year old boy.

Caught in the national paralysis, people see no hope.

Though the country has been trapped for years in cycles of political and economic dysfunction, the current crisis is worse than anything recent. Lives that were already extremely difficult have become even more so.

Most schools have been closed since early September, leaving millions of children idle. Widespread layoffs have compounded chronic poverty and hunger. Most people are simply trying to figure out where they are going to get their next meals. And it’s not easy, due to the ongoing food shortage.

Will there be a solution to the crisis soon? Will the UN or any country come Haiti’s rescue, or will they be left to sort it out on their own?

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