Haiti slammed by Hurricane Sandy

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Yet again the poorest country in the Americas, Haiti, is hit by a natural disaster. Yesterday hurricane Sandy slammed Haiti with full force. At least a dozen people were killed. Houses were destroyed; livestock and plantations were washed away in flash floods.

Several projects supported by development organization Star of Hope (one of my clients) were also affected. Thousands of families lost their goats, chickens and small farms (bananas, beans and milo), which they were dependent on. I know many of these kids and families in need, since I spent all in all 18 months in Haiti. I really feel sorry for them, and know how they suffer.

Star of Hope will try to help as many people as possible. First with water and food supply, later with livestock, farming tools and seeds. On top of that two schools needs to be repaired.

I took these pictures at a disaster relief in Haiti 2008 after four major storms passed over Haiti. Your donations to Star of Hope are highly appreciated:

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