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First post at my new blog

This is my first post at this new photoblog. Old posts can be found here. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and posts in this new format. I start off with a picture from my home town Stockholm, Sweden. This picture was taken in late 90’s.


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  1. Joe Resendez says:

    Hello Dennis,

    Just wanted to say hello and let you know I really enjoy your blog and photography.
    I has been quite awhile since we last met at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm during PIN March festivities. I absolutely loved Stockholm and looking forward to going back again soon. So much more I want to see.
    I sent you a friend request on facebook. Will be quite honored if you accept, please.
    Take care, and will look forward to more of your travel endeavours.

    Joe Resendez
    Orange, California

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