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Yesterday I went to the yearly Photo Fair in Stockholm. If I’m in town I usually go there to check some new products and books mainly. It is always good to have a chat with some suppliers and people that I know from the business. I got some good help from the Canon guys on an issue with my camera, which was really good solve.

I probably go back tomorrow on the last day of the show to pick up some books and maybe some other stuff that I saw. Need to do some research first.


Mixed news from Asia:

The captain on the boat that flipped over and killed half a dozen people in Pattaya a while back was high on drugs and booze. Why I’m I not surprised?

Teams of ladyboys competed in water volleyball to raise money for charity. Good fun and good cause. Good on you!

As the East Asia region integrates its economies, drug manufacturers and traffickers benefit. It’s a grim future in an already bad area with all the drugs floating round. Where will it end?

Hiv/AIDS on the raise in Asia.

Tougher rule for taxis at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Good! But at the same time there is a shortage of taxis at the very same airport at the moment due to the ongoing protests.


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