Sexy video criticised!

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Ong-art “Aerk” Lederer, a young Thai-German luk thung country singer, is getting online criticism for a super sexy music video that he says was only meant to help fund his mother’s cancer treatment.

The song “Pey,” (perfect in English), describes how attractive women are to men. In the music video, four models in tiny lingerie dance to the music with several seductive moves. This is not for children. You have been warned.

“Sexy girl, you are so attractive. You are the most outstanding on the floor. Your fair skin and body are so alluring. I love you more. I want to be your boyfriend,” read the lyrics.

Released on YouTube on Feb. 13, the clip has wildly gone viral, with almost a million views. Such a spike in views has most likely been made possible by male demographics. Aerk has promised viewers that he will release the 3D special version of the song once the film amasses over one million views. hmhmmm….Cancer treatment….Oh well. We will see were this go.


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