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Siam Center Re-opening

Last night I was at the Grand VIP re-opening of Siam Center shopping mall in Bangkok Thailand. It was a great event. Here are some clips and pictures from that event.


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  1. Stewart Moore says:

    Hi there, great blog – I was at Siam Centre on the evening of 12 January and there was a great DJ playing on level 4. Do you know if a list of DJ’s was published somewhere please? I would like to find out who the DJ is. Thanks, Stewart

    • dtblog says:

      Stewart. Thanks for a nice comment. Appreciate it! I was not there on the 12. That was on the first regular day, I believe? 4th floor. They used to have a radio station live there. Don’t remember which one, but I can check if they are still there. Could it have been that? There are mostly restaurants up there now. Maybe it was a shop or restaurant that had a special night.

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