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Back in Asia

Back in Asia

It’s nice to be back to Asia and Bangkok. The summer in Sweden was, as you might understand from yesterday post more than hectic.

Now I will go around in Asia a bit for various assignments. I will for sure go to Hong Kong and Cambodia; I’m sure more locations will be added as well.

The flight from Stockholm to Bangkok was smooth as it should be. Got three seats for myself and I was working most of the way. I edited images as well as made some plans for the coming weeks. I find it easy to be effective on long haul flight. Neither phone nor e-mail disturbs the journey. To bad the newly renovated planes on Thai Airways don’t fly on Stockholm route. Sure, its nice with In-flight entertainment, but what I’m looking for is the power outlet I have been used to on the flight Bangkok – Los Angeles. Coming soon I hope!

Today I will continue the editing of pictures for some projects.

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  1. Joe Resendez says:

    Hey Dennis, glad you had a good and productive flight from ARN to BKK. Best wishes on your assignments.
    If you get the opportunity, can you take a photo shot of Bangkok and/or Hong Kong skylines?
    Looking forward to what you have to share, otherwise.


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