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Yesterday was a hectic day, more so than usual. My almost four year old Macbook wanted to leave me, it gave up. It happens sometimes. But it was the wrong day, I was in a rush all day. I bought a new one on the way to Arlanda airport (Stockholm). I was looking at Macbook Air, but a regular Macbook Pro fits me better and is better value in my eyes. It could change to next purchase.

Facebook has updated its mobile app for iPad and iPhone. FINALLY they admitted the problems. As expected there is a direct link to the 1 billion USD purchase of Instagram. More here in the NY Times article. Interesting read. Facebook is also working close with Apple on the new coming soon Ios6.

Looking at some new interesting projects for the fall. Looking forward to start working on them.

A classic photo:

The photo was taken by Charles C. Ebbets on September 29, 1932, during the construction of GE building at Rockefeller Center, and the workers seem remarkably at ease on their lofty steel perch. Now it will be a film! Interesting.

Some events in Bangkok:

Levels on Sukhumvit Soi 11 trying hard to be the number one club in the area. There are a lot of various events going. Really worth a visit if you ask me.




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