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Summer in Stockholm

The weather in Stockholm has been better over the last couple of days. Great! But June 2012 was the most rainy June since 1786. Nuff’ said!

This morning I started my morning exercise just after 5 am. Just before 6 am I came a across a female photgrapher and her nude (!) model in Old Town. Interesting!

Today I went to Aquaria Water Museum at Royal Djurgården island. Interesting with various sections. A couple of pics below, more to come:

Yellow Sailfin tang.

Phantasmal poison frog.


I passed by the start of the Gotland Runt sailing competition aslo. When the last group started it was very tight and a lot of yelling between the crews. One of the boats pulled a trick and the other ones did not like that.

Late lunch at “En grek till”. A Greek salad is one of my favorite salads and this restaurant didn’t fail me.

Now the final of Euro 2012 starts.

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