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Butterfly House – Fjärilshuset

For the first time I went to the Butterfly House (Fjärilshuset) in Stockholm. Mixed feelings.

Great location in Hagaparken, with nice sorroundings. 110 sek in entrance fee seems normal for Stockholm. Nice friendly staff. But I would say rather low wow-feeling in general. Many glass cages were dirty.

They also claim there are at least 700 butterflies in the dedicated area on the website. NO WAY! I would say there are less than 100 butterflies or even below 50. I spent 1,5 hour in the room, and I saw maybe 5 different species, not more. That was the BIG disapointment.

I got lucky to see some dangerous frogs in action, since I got there at the feeding time.

And on the website they have a picture of a clown fish. I did not see any. Sure, I was not really looking for it, since I was there for the butterflies. But I’m sure there are no clown fish. A clown fish is good to have since kids can relate that to the animated movie Nemo.

All in all – an ok experience but highly overrated! For the steep entrance fee I expected a lot more, and I have heard the same from friends. There are some bitter comments on the web as well.

Some pics:



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