Crisis in Haiti deepens

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Since 2018 the economic situation in Haiti has steadily deteriorated with an increase in the cost of living related among other things to the depreciation of 23% of the national currency in 6 months.

This situation, combined with socio-political tensions and low agricultural productivity, has led to an increase in the “food basket” price of 26% on an annual basis. The food basket considered consists of six commodities (rice, wheat flour, maize, beans, sugar, and vegetable oil). This survival basket mainly reflects the food consumption of the poorest households with low incomes.

Life is never easy for most Haitians, and it is just getting worse by the day. Around 70 percent of the population lives on less than 2 USD, increases as above are tough to swallow.

What can be done to fix Haiti? After the devastating earthquake almost ten years ago, many countries, individuals, organizations, and corporations wanted to help and did so. But many promised action never materialized, unfortunately, for various reasons. One thing is for sure, a lot of investments ended up in high ranked officials and middle men’s back pockets.

But things needs to be done. What is the right way? Infrastructure, education, international investments are a few things that comes to my mind. But who is ready to take the risk? But first I think the food situation needs to be solved. People need to eat.



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