After ten hours in front of the computer with mostly Ghana pictures it was time for a nice evening in Bangkok. I ate swedish food at Swe Dish (formerly ScanDeli) with among others the new owner Janne, and also Björn and Jan. Janne takes it step by step and open slowly. Good idea. So far so good I think. He has some interesting ideas for the future as well.

After dinner we met up with some other great Bangkok people. For sure it was an international mix at the table. Thank you for a great night.

I started to go through some of my Bangladesh pictures as well. I plan a trip there in the near future. It will most lilkely a be a 4 day trip to Dhaka which is a bustling city with some 15 million people. Here is a picture I took about ten years ago in a busy street corner.


Today it is two years since the violent political clashes in central Bangkok. It was also the end to the very long occupation of many central areas of the capital of Thailand. There will be big demonstrations in Bangkok today. Some 50,000 “red shirts” are expected to take part. More information in Bangkok Post.

Bangkok – City of Life!