Mixed news from Bangkok and Thailand

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Trash cans

More than six years after being banned for their role as unwitting accomplices to murder, thousands of garbage bins recently returned to the sidewalks of major downtown streets.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has deployed more than 35,000 of the ruggedized plastic containers along major avenues such as Sukhumvit, Silom and Petchaburi roads.

Each bin is reportedly designed to last for several years at a cost of THB 2,000 each. More significantly, the bins were designed to meet the government’s criteria established after synchronized bombings killed three people on New Year’s Eve in 2006. No one has ever been arrested for those attacks, which some Thai authorities blamed on southern separatists.

Illegal casinos

Illegal casinos are still around in Bangkok. The police try to stop them but the pop up again. Read more about the problem and a poorly judged raid in Bangkok Post.

Red Bull heir

Red Bull heir will most likely avoid prison after killing a police man he ran over with his sports car last year. Scary! Rich guy avoid prison again! Bribes to the police and hefty “gifts” to the grieving family will help.

Miss Thailand

It is time for the Miss Thailand competition again. Read about it here.

Phuket taxi mafia complains

The taxi- and tuk-tuk mafia in Phuket complains about the new bus line on Phuket Island. Seriously, it is only bad news. I don’t like Phuket and I avoid it as much as I can.


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