The weather in Stockholm has been better over the last couple of days. Great! But June 2012 was the most rainy June since 1786. Nuff’ said!

This morning I started my morning exercise just after 5 am. Just before 6 am I came a across a female photgrapher and her nude (!) model in Old Town. Interesting!

Today I went to Aquaria Water Museum at Royal Djurgården island. Interesting with various sections. A couple of pics below, more to come:

Yellow Sailfin tang.

Phantasmal poison frog.


I passed by the start of the Gotland Runt sailing competition aslo. When the last group started it was very tight and a lot of yelling between the crews. One of the boats pulled a trick and the other ones did not like that.

Late lunch at “En grek till”. A Greek salad is one of my favorite salads and this restaurant didn’t fail me.

Now the final of Euro 2012 starts.