Sundays in Port-au-Prince usually means catch up on the past week; fix stories, file photos, edit video, plan the week ahead etc. I like Sundays that way so feel ready for next week. I have also sent pictures to a couple of photo competitons. I’m encourged by the second placement last week, even if found the jury motivation a bit funny. Anyway, it id fun to comepete. I also worked on some buisness devlopment assignments over the weekend.

Picture below shows 18 year old Delson listening to the radio on the Haitian country side. He was listening to local music called racine. Due to the high rate of illiteracy in Haiti and lack of electricity radio is the most commonform of mass communication; news, sports emergency information and more. There are some 150 radio stations in Haiti covering every corner of the country and every subject and music style.