Over the last couple of years I have shot a number of news and feature videos for Swedish news outlets. On top of that I have also made videos for corporations and organizations in countries like Thailand, USA and in Sweden. Clients include Aftonbladet, Göteborgsposten, Debaser, and Swedish NGO Star of Hope to name a few. Of course I have also made a number of videos just for fun.

Here is a short video I made for a sunset party in Bangkok in 2012:

A video I made for South Americas leading prosthesis center CIREC can be viewed here.


Bara i Bankan – Only in Bangkok

I have also made a series of videos together with Bangkok based journalist Jan Källman from Sweden. It’s called Bara i Bankan (only in Bangkok) and features a number of videos of various things and insights to the Thai capital. The videos are for fun and to give information about Bangkok. More to come in the series.

Some samples:

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