Amana live at Medici Kitchen & Bar

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Thursday night I took some pictures of jazz singer Amana Melome performing live at Medici Kitchen & Bar in the Muse Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Nice restaurant and great performance. Looking forward to see her performing again.

Bangkok tip 3 January, 2013 – Five star hotels:

When my friends are going to Bangkok for few days, I always them to try a five star hotel. Fancy five star hotels in Bangkok are mostly at bargain prices compared to any other major metropolis in the world. Sure, they still cost some money, if you ever want to try a luxury hotel Bangkok could be the place to do it.

Classic hotels like Oriental, Peninsula, Sheraton, Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt and Four Season are always nice options for prices any ordinary hotel in Stockholm would cost. There are also a number of newer hotels to try like: Lebua, Millenium Hilton, and my own favorite St. Regis.

So if you want to spoil yourself to some luxury – try a five star hotel in Bangkok!


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