bangkok shutdown

Bangkok Shutdown coming closer

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The Bangkok shutdown is coming closer. Will it really happen? Can it be avoided? If it continues, will it be peaceful?  Will there be a military coup? It is all up in the air and difficult to know. I try to follow as much as I can, from a distance.

Interesting news over the last couple of days is that the number of protest sites is reduced from 20 to 7. Are they losing support? Main stage will be in Pathumwan section (which is close to my apartment….). It will of course affect that area big time.

bangkok shutdown

Here are some good ways to follow the development:

Bangkok Post has a dedicated site now.

On Twitter I follow Swedish journalist Michael Töpffer. @michaelbangkok . I have worked with him in the past and I like his tweets and also articles in Swedish newspaper Expressen.

I also follow Richard Barrow @RichardBarrow

I also follow a couple of blogs to get some news about the situation in my native language Swedish:

I have worked with Jan Källman many times and his blog give updates worth reading. Another Swedish blog that update on regular basis is which is gives a good summary.

bangkok shutdown

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