Beer Gardens in Bangkok

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Once again it’s time for the yearly beer festival celebration in Thailand. It’s often also referred to as the beer garden season. Basic tables and chairs are set up; beers are served in bottles, pitchers or the popular towers. All chilled with ice Thai style of course. Your hunger is satisfied with yummy “gap glem”, or Thai snacks. Expect loud live music from famous and not so famous Thai bands. I will update when I get more info from various beer gardens around Bangkok


The main stage for this festival in Bangkok is in front Central World shopping mall. Gardens from Singha, Chang and Tiger are up but not open yet. However, more beer gardens will pop up here and there in Bangkok over the next couple of weeks. Look around various shopping malls.


Heinekens popular theme places GreenSpace will this year have two pop-up parks to look forward to: one on Sukhumvit Soi 16 and one in front of The Esplanade shopping mall. The GreenSpace at Soi 16 will be fancy with the white beds from the now closed nightclub Bed Supperclub.


Also look out for Sangsom and Absolut, which has set up shops in recent years.  The Sangsom MoveAbar was a real hit with me and my friends last year, and the Absolut Parc had the best bands.



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