japanes food Bangkok

Japanese food in Bangkok

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japanes food Bangkok

There are some 900+ Japanese restaurants in Bangkok and counting. I love all the different styles on offer at various locations and price ranges. I eat Japanese food possible two or three times a week. I usually hit my favorite places, but also try out new places from now and then. If you have any tips, please let me know.

I will upload a list of my favorite  joints for Japanese food under the Bangkok session. Just need a few details to be fixed.

japanese food Bangkok

In other news:

Currently the work on a documentary has started. Just take time to put it together. Need to take some external help for some stages. But it will be cool. A couple of more is on the drawing board.

I also discussed my first book with an American colleague, he and his friends will be very helpful for the English texts, lus their deep knowledge on the subject. Work has started. Feels good. A picture that made it through the first cut, I will see if it make it all the way through to print.


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